Looking for an all-American product that is lightweight, powerful, AND durable? Then look no further! Riccar has been doing everything in the US since 1997 — EVERYTHING! Designing, engineering, manufacturing, testing, and even packaging has all been done right here in the states, down in St. James, Missouri.

Tandem Air — Dual-motor cleaning to maximize your efficiency!

Riccar Tandem Air Radiance Premium
Riccar Tandem Air Retriever
Riccar Tandem Air Brilliance Deluxe

Clean Air — Versatile, powerful vacuums for your home!

Riccar Clean Air Vibrance Premium
Riccar Clean Air Vibrance Classic Premium
Riccar Clean Air Vibrance Deluxe
Riccar Clean Air Vibrance Standard Classic
Riccar Clean Air Vibrance Classic Entry

Supralite — Powerful, ultra-lightweight carpet cleaning!

Riccar Supralite Cordless
Riccar Supralite Premium
Riccar Supralite Standard
Riccar Supralite Entry

Canister Vacuums — The perfect solution for cleaning varied surfaces

Riccar Prima Tandem Air Premium
Riccar Prima Full-sized Nozzle
Riccar Supralite Standard

Specialty Vacuums — Specialist vacuums for quick pickups!

Riccar Roam Cordless Broom Vacuum
Riccar Prima Full-sized Nozzle
Riccar Bagless Broom Vacuum
Riccar Supraquik Portable Canister
Riccar Gem Handheld Vac

Commercial Vacuums — Heavy-duty vacuums built to withstand everyday use!

Riccar Vibrance Commercial Plus Belt Protection
Riccar Vibrance Commercial
Riccar Supralite Commercial

Central Vacuus — Complete home cleaning.

Riccar RCU-H5 Central Vacuum Power Unit
Riccar RCU-H7 Central Vacuum Power Unit

 ** — Due to agreements with our manufacturers, we are obligated to advertise their pricing. However, we are always running in-store sales, promotions, and trade-in deals, so be sure to stop by and see what we can offer you!